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"The story of KINKY BOOTS has a lovely subtext that not only makes you think, but connects on so many levels. I believe that as far as a piece of theatre goes, it has something to offer for everyone, from all walks of life.

Theatrical education programs are vital in ensuring our young people are exposed to quality theatre that inspires on two levels; as audience members wanting to be entertained and as future artists and producers themselves.

Being able to do this and have them exposed to exceptionally high quality productions at affordable prices is so important. I hope New South Wales students, like Victorian students, have an opportunity to experience this production, to be both thoroughly entertained, and to engage with the important issues it raises.” 

Joel Batalha, Head of Senior School Brentwood Secondary College, Victoria

This guide is designed for teachers of students in year 7 – 10, exploring themes such as DIVERSITY, IDENTITIES, RELATIONSHIPS and INCLUSIVITY. All pre and post show activities are linked to the learning outcomes and achievement standards of the Australian Curriculum, specifically for HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION, ENGLISH and DRAMA.





Cyndi Lauper’s Kinky Boots is an exhilarating new musical inspired by real-life events. Through an unexpected friendship the fortunes of a failing shoe factory are turned around, saving jobs and getting the town back on its feet.

Charlie, the son of the factory owner, runs into Lola, a fabulous entertainer in need of some sturdy stilettoes. Together this unlikely duo create some of the most sensational footwear to ever strut the runways of Milan.

Their friendship triumphs over adversity and prejudice to prove that by accepting others for who they are, you learn to accept yourself.
Kinky Boots is much more than just the red sparkly boots. Winner of every major international Best Musical award, this uplifiting musical experience is joyous, inspirational, and filled with laughter.
Featuring 16 new Grammy-winning songs by pop icon Cyndi Lauper, audiences are assured they are in for a high-calibre, internationally acclaimed smash-hit!
KINKY BOOTS is a fun, feel-good musical which at its heart holds a simple message about acceptance of yourself and others. With great music, a hilarious and heart-warming storyline, and no coarse launage, the production is a perfect night out for friends, couples, or the whole family.
Kinky Boots runs for approximately two hours and twenty minutes, including a twenty minute interval.
Priscilla was about drag queens; Kinky Boots on the other hand is a story about a young man trying to resurrect the family’s struggling shoe factory after his father’s passing. And while Kinky Boots includes drag queens, they're among a cast of many characters.
Yes. Kinky Boots has been mapped to the Australian Curriculum for Health & Physical Education, Drama and English. Download via the link above!