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"The best musical to hit town in years" the Age

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Tim Scofield

28/10/2016 00:51

Brillant production, best theatre show in Melbourne all year!

Rohan Waterson

27/10/2016 22:37

Sensational. Comical, topical and very clever. A great production I would recommend for anyone from the age of 10 through to 110.

Kali Boof Hovey

27/10/2016 19:53

Amazing have seen a lot of shows and this one is now easily top 3

Lisa Jane Hunter

27/10/2016 19:30

This would have to be in my top 2 best musicals ever. I was in owe of Lola and his/her talents. The show was electric, I was dancing in my seat, I just didn't want it to stop! Loved loved loved

Paul Potter

27/10/2016 15:46

Sensational. Such talent in show. Great production.

Louise Muddle

27/10/2016 15:07

My all time 2nd favourite moving now on stage . Luved it luved it luved. Its RED Charlie boy, RRREEEEDDDDDD!

Krystyna Stigger

27/10/2016 14:00

I just loved the show. Would like to see it a few more times. The performance . The dancing. The singing. The music. The outfits. The Boots and the legs. Were just fantastic. Just loved it. Loved it. ?

Terrance Paul Broadway

27/10/2016 13:41

I have seen this show in New York when Billy was Lola. I thought this would taint my experience. It did nothing of the sort! I fell in love all over again. I had a spring in my step all afternoon! Callum Francis can hold his own as Lola. You simply can't take that away from him! Bravo to the whole team ?

Jennifer Cook

26/10/2016 23:22

Absolutely Faaabulous! Laughed, cried cheered and screamed. Such a superb show. Flawless. Callum Francis and Toby Francis are brilliant.

Rhonda Volunteer

26/10/2016 23:08

If you want gorgeous costumes, brilliant choreography, singing which is heart-warming, touching and amazing, and talented performers who just own the stage, you MUST see Kinky Boots in Melbourne! A fantastic show! The cast gel together so well, and seeing the wonderful "Lola" is worth the price of a ticket alone - incredible... Well done to all involved. Welcome to Australia - a true "feel good" show that must be seen.

Julie Marie

26/10/2016 22:30

Want to see it again. Loved it sooo much. Callum Francis has so much talent and Charisma. All characters did a fantastic job and looked like they were having an absolute ball. Do youselves a favor and see this feel good production. Well done Cyndi Lauper!

Jen Rowan

26/10/2016 22:28

The best musical I have ever seen and I have had the pleasure of seeing hundreds. Great cast, inspiring story, captivating choreography, wonderful sets, fabulous costumes and a outstanding score ?! Bravo. We also may have laughed a lot harder than we have in a long time as well

Shirley Goodridge

26/10/2016 20:18

OMG! This show is spectacular! If you get a chance to see it, GO! The cast are awesome, and LOLA is a star! I'd go again in a heartbeat!

Tracey Read

26/10/2016 17:45

This musical is the most fun I've had at the theatre in a very long time. The music is amazing the talent is incredible. The queens though, are the stars of this show and they are fabulous!! You will definitely walk out of this show smiling ?

Jade Morgan

26/10/2016 14:04

Bloody amazing! Enjoyed every second! Even my boyfriend (his first musical) loved it and has changed his view of musicals haha!

Bee Spice

25/10/2016 22:40

For ages I had the same CD, yes CD, in my car. I don't drive much, but I love a good musical and this particular Musical was hard to replace. Until Kinky Boots. I loved the show, and I echo Cyndi Lauper when she said it put people in a "happy place". She wasn't wrong. From beginning to end, I couldn't take the smile off my face, and i couldn't help but annoyingly shimmy in my seat every time a song came on. I now do the same thing, but in my car I can sing my lungs out at the same time. Thanks Michael Cassel and team for bringing such an amazing show to Australia, and I'm so proud you were able to showcase the premier in my home town. I'll definitely be seeing it again! Thank you.